Keller Williams & More Than A Little-2016-06-30
Party in the Park- Martin Luther King Park
Rochester, NY

Source- Sennheiser's-441-UD- Microphones / Deck Zoom-F8-set at 44.1 hertz/16 bit sample rate
mic at 9 feet aimed at center of stage location right of sound board in pit top off hill

Tracking CD-wave/ Traders little helper for Flac-level-8/ CKSUM/MD5

All done by Hal Francis (aka-homegrn recording)
SETLIST- Thanks to Lou
1 lez jam
2 hollywood freaks
3 right here
4 once in a lifetime
5 eyes of the world
6 freaker
7 she rolls
8 you dont know how it feels
9 bitch
10 sister and brothers
11 more than
12 mighty high
13 fist
14 niave melody
15 feel like a stranger
16 high ho