Keller Williams And The Travelin' McCourys
Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival
High Meadow Stage
Walsh Farm
Oak Hill, New York
July 18, 2013
Master Audience Recorded By Keo!
Nakamichi CM300/CP4 Shotguns > 2' Custom Microphone Bar >
10' Monster Cables > Korg MR-1000 @ 1Bit/5.6MHz
Microphones Dead Center Approximately 35' Behind SBD Tent, 9' High
Tracking/Sample Rate Conversion With AudioGate Software To 32/96kHz Wave
Dithered/Flacked With Korg Aqua To 16/44
SBE's Checked/Fixed With Trader's little Helper
Metadata Tagging With Tag&Rename


02.Mullet Cut >
03.Instrumental >
04.Long Black American Car
05.The Graveyard Shift
06.I Am Elvis >
07.Hot Stuff
08.Forty Years To Life
10.Messed Up Just Right >
12.Broken Convertible
13.Lincoln Continental
14.What A Waste Of Good Corn Liquor
15.Float On
16.Freaker By The Speaker
17.Encore Break
18.My Grass Is Blue

Keller Williams - Guitar, Vocals
Ronnie McCoury - Guiatr, Vocals
Rob McCoury - Banjo, Vocals
Jason Carter - Fiddle, Vocals
Alan Bartram - Bass, Vocals

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Comments:Another Excellent Set from The High
Meadow Stage and this days music from Grey Fox!
We really loved these performers joining in
togther and giving us the best of both worlds
with their pairing and songs performed, We hope
this will continue for future shows!!!!!!
AS ALWAYS ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!