Keller Williams and the Traveling McCrouys
July 21 2013
Legend Valley - All Good Festival
Thornville, Oh

Source: AKG C-1000's>Tascam DR-40>SDHC>CD Wave>Traders Little Helper


01.Float On
02.All In My Mind>
03.Hot Stuff
04.Something Else
05.The Graveyard Shift
06.Hobo Song>EMD>Hobo Song
07.I'm Amazed
08.American Car
09.Messed Up Just Right
10.Nepalese Temple Balls
11.Me & My Uncle
12.Price Tag
13.What A Waste Of Good Corn Liquor
14.Mullet Cut>
15.Foggy Mountain Breakdown
17.Lincoln Continental
18.On The Lonesome Wind
19.Broken Convertible
20.Women Are Smarter
21.Aint No Rest For The Wicked
23.Freaker By The Speaker
24.Bumper Sticker
25.encore break
26.Pumped Up Kicks

Notes - Missing the last 2 songs the first one being My Grass Is Blue and the encore Pumped Up Kicks. I used Rob Clarkes source for the last 2 songs

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