Keller Williams/Grateful Grass
Bell's Beer Garden
Kalamazoo, MI

Source: Neumann ak50(Dina)>LC3>W.ModUA-5>Tascam DR-680
Transfer:SD Card>Audacity>CD wave editior>TLH
Location:FOB/DFC/FOC/30' 7.43825' high
Taped and Seeded by:Craig Hanger

01. One more Saturday Night
02. Shakedown Street
03. Eyes of the world
04. Cold Rain and Snow
05. Loose Lucy
06. Brown Eyed Woman
07. Passenger
08 Feel like a stranger
09. Sugaree
10. Samson and Delilah
11. New Speedway Boogie
12. Friend of the Devil
13. Fire on the mountain
14. Scarlet Begoinas
15. Encore Break
16. Bertha
Set Keller
01.track one
02.track Two
03.track three
04.track four
05.track five
06.track six
07.track seven
08.track eight