Keller Williams
ThanksForGrassGiving (night 2)
Cabinet opened
930 Club
Washington DC
Taped by tapernate
Loc Fob-loc- stand 10foot
Source info
Source 1: neuman usm69-xlr-sd788 @24/96
Source 2 neumann ak50-lc3-km100-xlr-sd788 @24/96
Source 3 neumann ak40-lc3-km100-xlr-sd788 @24/96
Source 4 sbd-sd788 (only for cabinet set)
Matix info: Matrices are stereo mixdowns of all sources comined for each set
Editing done on SF Pro for Mac-flac via Amadeus pro-xAct for checksum
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Keller Williams - guitar and vocals
Larry Keel - guitar and vocals
Chris Pandolfi - banjo and background vocals
Jason Carter - fiddle and vocals
Cody Kilby - dobro and guitar
Travis Book - bass and vocals
Keller Set
Teen Angst
My Grass Is Blue
Fat Bottom Girls>
Corn Liquor
Doobie In My Pocket
For Every Super Hot Girl
Foggy Mountain Rock
Waltz About Whiskey
Island In The Sun
On the Vine?
Victory Song
Raleigh And Spencer
Cold Rain & Snow
Broken Convertible
Salt Creek
All Apologies*
Life's Been Good*
I Know You Rider*
Roadhouse Blues*^
* w/ Jay Starling on dobro
^ w/ Pappy and JP from Cabinet
Cabinet opened
Cabinet Setlist
Old Farmer's Mill
Po's Reel
Cut Down Tree
A Smile
Arco Arena>
Nashville Blues
Any Old Sign
Sharecropper's Son
Loose Lucy>
Easy Wind