Keller Williams with The Travelin' McCourys


Richmond, VA

"Brown's Island"

*Dominion Riverrock*

(FOB, stand at 8.5')

AKG461s(DIN)>MP-1s>PMD661(Oade WMOD)@24/48>
Audacity(16/44)>CDWave(splits)>Flac Frontend(Level 6)

Recording and transfer by DATBRAD


D101 Mullet Cut
D102 I'm Amazed >
D103 Hot Stuff
D104 Graveyard Shift
D105 Pumped Up Kicks
D106 Broken Convertable
D107 Foggy Mountain Breakdown
D108 Loser > Loser > Loser
D109 She's My Something Else
D110 Messed Up Just Right
d111 Long Black American Car
D112 Sweet Appalachia
D201 What A Waste Of Good Corn Liquor
D202 All In My Mind
D203 Bumper Sticker
D204 Lonesome Wind
D205 It Ain't About The Money
D206 Hobo Song > Eat My Dust> Hobo Song
D207 Freaker By The Speaker
D208 Portapotty

D209 Man Smart, Woman Smarter