Lincoln Theatre
Raleigh, North Carolina
November 19, 2006


Source: Matched ADK A-51S TLs > UA-5 (Oade WMod+) > JB3 (44k)
Transfer: JB3 > CDWave > FLAC
Location: 3rd drink rail/5'ROC/9'high/HorizXY/Hyper (just in front of soundboard)
Terry Watts -

Thanks to Todd French for loan me his JB3.

Disc 1
Set I:
1. Cookies
2. Breathe > Jellyfish > Funny Money (Sparton) > Breathe
3. Sally Sullivan > Bad > Sally Sullivan >
4. Dear Emily
5. Roshambo
6. Standing on the Moon
7. Back of the Bus
8. Brown Eyed Women
9. Callaloo
10. Fuel
11. Halleluya
12. Office
13. Trancealsa

Disc 2
Set II:
1. Eyes of the World
2. Vacate
3. The Wind Cries Mary
4. I Like It Like That
5. Last Dance w/ Mary Jane > Breakdown > Last Dance w/ Mary Dance
6. More Than A Little
7. Loup > Bouncing Around the Room

Disc 3
Set II, cont.
1. Crow Jane
2. Alligator Alley >
3. Love Handles
4. Ellaphorse >
5. Moving Sidewalk
6. Gatecrashers Suck
7. St. Stephen
8. e: Tell My Feet



During the later half of the second set (Alligator > Sidewalk), there
was some douche-bag tapping two bottles together in time with the music.
Or rather, he tried to tap in time with the music, but since he was drunk
and white, his attempt was pathetic. He did move to our left for a while,
when some chick told him he was annoying the hell out of her, but he came
right back not two minutes later to our right. He eventually got kicked out
for being an ass-hat. Anyways, you'll hear it on the third disc.

Lesson learned: don't be that guy.

Great show otherwise.

Thank you to Keller and Lou for allowing taping!

Setlist help and tracking corrections appreciated.

Enjoy, and please do not sell or otherwise illegally distribute this recording.
Instead, spread it freely and turn on your friends to another great show!

Terry Watts