Kelley Hunt July 22, 2006, Syracuse, NY
This is yet another nice sounding show recorded outdoors at the NYS blues festival in Syracuse NY. It was recorded with a Sony stereo minidisk recorder with unknown mics. This was recorded about 20 yards back from stage, mics. were placed up so it has very little crowd noise. I did the best I could with the song titles, guessed on some. This show was given to me (thanks M.S.) along with several others from this festival. Kelley Hunt is a fantastic singer and piano player. This is a great show from a very talented performer. If you haven't heard of Kelley Hunt take a chance with this, I don't think you will regret it. As always, Enjoy, share but don't sell.

Disc 1

01. Waking Up Slow
02. Taking The Long Way Home
03. Tear Down My heart
04. Your Not Alone
05. Darkness, Secrets, Shadows
06. Say The Word
07. Emerald City
08. The Other Side

Disc 2

01. Can't Feel Me No More
02. Freedom Day
03. Too Much History Now
04. Back In The Saddle
05. Let The Love Come Through
06. That Ain't Love

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