Ken Hamm & Jim Condie

Albert Hole Acoustic Room, Bristol, UK
12th October 2000

1st Set - 52:29
1. Poor Boy Long Ways From Home
2. Police Dog Blues
3. Nobody Lovin' Me
4. Walkin' Blues
5. Intertidal Zone
6. Tamp 'em Up Solid
7. Swap the Vest
8. Crow Jane
9. Instrumental
10. Shake It and Break It
11. Vigilante Man
12. The Last Steam Engine Train

2nd Set - 64:02
1. Gyspy Kings Instrumental (Tony Lewis & Dave Pascoe)
2. Pony Boy
3. She Moves Me
4. Fishing Grounds
5. Fire Eyes
6. Great Dream From Heaven
7. So Long Mamalillaculla / Jorma's Song
8. Bourgeois Blues
9. Windin' Boy Blues
10. Maybellene
11. When You Got a Good Friend
12. Candy Man Blues
13. Keys to the Highway
14. Last Fair Deal Gone Down

Lineage: Sony Mic > Sharp MD
Transfer: Yamaha MDX-596 > Optical > Dio2496 > Soundforge (edits)

I used to love the Albert hole - best venue in Bristol but the brewery shut it down. The Acoustic Room was upstairs, no PA, very intimate and the occasional guest artists.

Apart from the odd squeaky chair, this is a lovely clean recording taken from front and centre. I've left the instrumental at the beginning of the 2nd set; if you don't want it, don't burn it. The 2nd set then starts with the MC's short intro.