Ok folks, this is a must have performance. The sound is excellent and the
music is out of this world in it's simple elegance...don't miss this one!

Cheers, Cyrus

Terrastock II - Lured out of retirement one last time, Kendra played Friday night,
the first of a three day festival, for just under a hour - 58:48 minutes. She was
originally scheduled to go on at 7:45 PM and play for about 40 minutes with the
next band beginning at 8:30 PM, but it's apparent that this schedule was not kept!
Also on the bill that day were The Mountain Goats, Alastair Galbraith, and Bevis
Frond among others - for more info on Terrastock go to -

This from and unknown witness:
"About a thousand people watched Kendra Smith yet made no sound. You
could have heard a pin drop, and it is an image I will never forget. At first the
silence was out of respect, almost reverence. Later it was due to a complete
hypnotic trance. This reclusive musician has appeared in public very seldom
since her days in Opal and Dream Syndicate. Neatly divided into thirds, her
set featured her (solo) on pump organ, bohemian tar (a gourd-bodied lute),
and acoustic guitar. At one point an audience member called out a request for
"Magick Power" (an Opal song) to which she replied "No, I'm already using that".
I have no doubts whatever."

Kendra Smith
Terrastock II, San Francisco, CA

Audience Master Recording > ? > CDR > EAC Secure > FLAC Frontend (8)
58:48 minutes - Sound: Excellent
The taper had an excellent vantage point...this almost sounds like a soundboard.

1. Bohemian Zebulon 6:31
2. Interlude 2:47
3. Get There 5:51
4. Interlude 4:32
5. Lay My Body Down 4:57
6. Interlude 2:13
7. Earth Same Breath 4:44
8. Interlude 1:53
9. Bold Marauder 7:36
10. Temporarilly Lucy 3:40
11. Maggots 3:02
12. Distant Shore 2:41
13. Northern Line 3:57
14. Ramblin� Man 4:18