Mike Keneally-Gregg Bendian-Doug Lunn
Guitar Works
Greenwood, IN
May 18, 2014

CONTRAST: Once again, this is a different source than EvlWdchk's upload here:
... though once again, the recorders were only a few feet apart.

This is also a different *version* than my original upload here:

This present torrent is the 16-bit 44.1kHz, CD-spec, EQ'd fileset.

The guts of how I made this sausage (same as the other EQ'd/downsampled one, so you can skip this if you're reading for detail):

EQ - VST Graphic Equalizer plugin in Adobe Audition - 10 band:
<31 hz band: -12dB (serious business)
63 hz band: -8dB
125 hz band: -7.1 dB (no real reason for that .1; just sloppy, I guess)
250 hz band: -5.1 dB (ditto)
500 hz band: -2 dB
1000 hz band: -1 dB
2000 hz band: 0 dB
4000 hz band: +1 dB
8000 hz band: +1 dB
16000 hz band: +1 dB

Overall Master Gain: -1.5 dB

That single EQ pass took care of the overall volume-pegging as well as I think was needed, so I left it at that.

Sample type conversion was to the obvious 16-bit, 44.1kHz, stereo, with Dither enabled (1-bit), Triangular p.d.f. and no noise shaping, and no other fancy stuff thrown in, at the highest ("999") Quality setting.

I'm sure someone else could improve on the end result a bit, but this is still a very significant improvement over the original boomy, pegged 24-96 RAW version.

Gear: TASCAM DR-05 (internal mics) > Audition (raise volume of talk at beginning, EQ, downsampling) > CDWave > FLAC

00, 000 guest host and mike intros
01 Skies Of Los Angeles > Pledge Of Allegiance > Archaic Peace Strategies
02 Backwards Deb
03 Hamsterdam (Lunn)
04 Blameless (The Floating Face) > Haugseth
05 I'm Raining Here, Inside (Keneally/Partridge)
06 Current (Bendian)
07 Pride Is A Sin
08 Your House (Keneally/Partridge)
09 Dyslexia Mango Nixon (Lunn)
10 That's Why I Have No Name
11 Hysteresis (Bendian)
12 We're Rockin' All Night With The Tangy Flavor Of Cheddar > Out On The Tiles (Led Zeppelin) > Cheddar (concl.)
13 Surf's Up (Beach Boys)
14 Scotch


Mike Keneally - Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals
Gregg Bendian - Drums, Vocals
Doug Lunn - Bass