Kenny Loggins
Frank Erwin Center, Austin, TX
December 12, 1982

Source: FM broadcast > Cassette Master (TDK-SA)

Transfer: Sony TC-WE 475 > JVC XL-R2010 CD-RW (44.1 Hz)

Editing: Soundforge (tracking and pitch corrected) > Wav > TLH [SB's aligned] Flac level 8

Traders Den 1/10/17 - The BR series 124 - kingrue upload 1013

I need to vent and explain something that's bothering me, which involves my editing work.

Last night's editing on this tape was a bit of a revelation. I'm lucky I did more research on this recording. After my initial transfer and tracking, this 90 min cassette gave me 94:41 min. I knew that wasn't right and the playback was obviously slow, i just didn't know how slow. Remembering this tape is over 30 years old and with all the experience i have dealing with old cassettes, I'm learning that the majority of them play noticeably slow. To the untrained ear, you might not even notice this. esp.. if you don't know the music. Luckily i found samples on Wolfgang's Vault and was able to do side by side comparisons. I was floored when I heard the difference. Sometimes i transfer tapes and have no idea about the artist or their music and might not have another source to compare too. so in those cases, I leave the tape transfer alone and post it "as is". Not being sure if the pitch is accurate or not. Sometimes I learn about this much later after everyone has downloaded the "slow" version and nobody says anything about it. Now granted I've worked on over 1,000 recordings and can't always do everything perfectly. So I'm sure there are many of my posts that could use some pitch correcting. I'm gonna try to not beat myself up about it too much and just try be more aware from now on. Though in my defense I've done a lot of pitch correcting in the past.

What I'm really pissed off about is the Procol harum 1977 hofstra show I just posted last week and it got well over 300 downloads and spread over to the Procol Facebook site. And that's great, BUT it's as slow as Molasses and now everyone has this slow version. This was kind of a wake up call for me and now I wish i could take back every single copy that was downloaded. I don't want people listening to that version and thinking that it's okay, because it's NOT!!! I'm going to post a Pitch Corrected version of that show very soon. I hope that gets over 300 DL's again.

here's a bit of what I've learned. Tapes made and recorded on TDK's from about 1977 to about 1982 all seem to suffer from tape drag. No high gens, I'm talking master Aud's and FM's. Everything else after the mid 80's seem to playback at a more normal pitch. All the newer 1990's Maxell's seem to be okay for the most part. It's the 30+ year old tapes that i'm discovering all play slow. So keep that in mind when doing your transfers.

Now on to this Kenny Loggins tape. I actually enjoyed this show and the music. It's very pleasant and easy listening. It's not something i would have listened to in my teen years, but now decades later, i could listen to this anyday. Once i realised the pitch was wrong on this Loggins tape, I stayed up late to get this edited and pitch corrected and i'm very happy with the end result.

It needed to go up +6 semitones. = 91:26 min

A little more information worth noting.

Wolfgangs Vault is claiming that the last 3 songs should contain these tracks.
Don't Fight It, Keep The Fire, Celebrate Me Home / Band Intro

If you look here, you'll see that I have a few additional songs on the tape that isn't mentioned on WGV.

Though it appears i'm missing some songs as well?

My track 25 is only the last 30 seconds and the tape runs out. I don't know the song title either.

You'll notice they play 2 different versions of "Your Mama Don't Dance".

So with all that said, download this with confidence and enjoy the show.

I've givin' samples of the raw and pitched versions for you to compare.

I think it shows how easily we're unknowningly not aware of a slower tone when we hear it. You can easily assume it's correct, when it's not.

It takes a closely tuned ear to catch it and even with my screaming tinnitus i can still do this properly.

Thank Me Later!!!!

Side A
01 Interview and Introduction
02 Love Has Come of Age
03 Whenever I Call You Friend
04 What a Fool Believes
05 Heart To Heart
06 Heartlight
07 Your Mama Don't Dance (version 1)
08 Watching The River Run
09 A Love Song
10 All Alone Tonight
11 Only A Miracle
12 Return To Pooh Corner
13 Danny's Song

Side B
14 This Is It
15 I Gotta Try
16 Junkanoo Holiday
17 Swear Your Love
18 Easy Driver
19 Mr. Night
20 I'm Alright
21 Lovin' Me
22 To Make a Woman Feel Wanted
23 Piece Of Mind
24 Your Mama Don't Dance (version 2)
25 ???

Total Time = 91:26 min