Kenny Neal With Lucky Peterson
and the Silent partners
Denver, CO

Recorded by Patrick H.
Source: Sony ECM-33F mics -> Sony D6 ->
Master cassette Maxell MX100
Location: Middle of floor about 15
rows back.

RME DIGI Interface -> Samplitude 6.0 ->
CD-Wav -> Shntool -> TLH -> Flac(8)
MD5's and SBE checked and verified.
By Patrick H. 12/29/2006

Disc 1 (45:35)
01 //Harp tune 4:35
02 Any fool will do? 6:30
03 Lucky on keys 9:01
04 Rockin blues? 9:57
05 Slow blues 11:12
06 Band intro 4:20

Disc 2 (50:37)
01 Stormy Monday 14:01
02 Bo diddley 9:17
03 If its All night, 5:12
its allright
04 Slow blues-> 8:00
05 Wang Dang Doodle 14:07

D1T05 static first few seconds

Excellent performance. Kenny and lucky
both wail in their own right and having
both of them on stage at the same time
was impressive. I remember this as a
high energy show with lots of hard rockin

Low crowd noise, occasional saturation
of loud levels, used sock for first 2
tunes due to this being a very small
venue and it was hard to record without
getting caught. More levels flucuation
on disc 1 and more consistent levels on
D1. This was a wailing night.

Included a jpg with a write up on Kenny
Neal from ruby's and 2 B/W photos of
kenny and lucky.

Kenny Neal - Vocals, harp, Guitar
Lucky - Vocals, guitar and piano.
Russel Jackson bass
Tony Coleman drums
Boddy? Trumpet

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