Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival
2012/06/10 - Bonnaroo, Other Tent; Manchester TN, USA

Taper: travelinbeat
Source: CA-14's @ NOS > CA ST9100 > R-09HR @ 24/96
Location: 8ft high, DFC FOB (~50ft from stage)
Editing: Tracking, fades, and normalization (each channel independently to -0.10dB) were done while the show was laid in Sony Soundforge 10.0a (Build 425) as a wav file. Periodic loud points were enveloped slightly to allow for more headroom in Normalization (see Misc Notes).
Conversion: Trader's Little Helper v.2.7.0 (Build 172)

01- Love or Something Like It 02:52
02- It's a Beautiful Life 03:56
03- If You Want to Find Love 02:16
04- Through the Years 01:51
05- You Decorated My Life 00:49
06- She Believed in Me 02:20
07- Ruby Don't Take Your Love To Town 02:46
08- Love the World Away 03:18
09- Coward of the County 02:43
10- Daytime Friends 02:31
11- Buy Me a Rose 04:40
12- Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condit... 03:04
13- Ol' Red 03:48
14- We've Got Tonight 03:18
15- Stand Up 01:42
16- Have a Little Faith in Me 04:09
17- The Gambler 03:14
18- Lucille 04:21
19- (Key to the City) 02:23
20- Lady * 03:38
21- All Night Long * # 05:36
22- Island in the Stream 03:46


* Joined on stage by surprise guest, Lionel Richie
# Originally performed by Lionel Richie

The "Other Tent" is the most far-flung tent in Centeroo-- it's way out in a distant corner and unfortunately it was insanely windy out there. I decided not try and EQ out the wind because every time I tried the kick drum and the entire rest of the low-end went with it. I do feel that the wind dies down quite a bit as the show goes on, so hopefully it won't be too bothersome on playback. I did however do a ton of post-production editing on this show in terms of Lionel Richie's singing... I don't think that there was any compression on his mic for this performance and his levels were just blaringly loud. I went in an created some interesting graphic fades around much of his vocals to bring them down to a reasonable level and I tried my best to make it smooth and unnoticeable on playblack. I think I did a decent job of turning down Richie's blaring voice without making it sound too obvious that I was pinching down the volume in post.

Aside from those technical-ish notes, in Track 19, "(Key to the City)" Betty Superstein, the Mayor of Manchester TN, was joined on stage by a bunch of other local politicians and suits to present Kenny Rogers the key to the city. It was a little odd in person, but I guess that it's pretty cool.