Kenny Wayne Shepherd
Bay Side Stage
Traverse City, MI

Taper: Darktrain
Equipment: CA-11's> Marantz PMD620
Location: Right next to SBD on the right

Info: got there a little early and the show already started because the fireworks were scheduled
for a 10:30 start so i missed a couple songs, thats why the first recorded show cuts in,
recording came out really good with a few spots in there where an occasional person walked
in front of me.


01-I'm Leaving You(Cuts In)
02-Shame, Shame, Shame
03-Shame, Shame, Shame(Jam)
04-Everything Is Broken
06-Dust My Broom
07-(Long) Gone
08-True Lies
09-Blue On Black
10-Shotgun Blues
11-I'm A King Bee
12-Oh Well
13-Star Spangled Banner
14-Voodoo Chile