Kenny Wayne Shepherd
Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom
Hampton Beach NH August 26, 2011

Master Recording

H2 Zoom Recorder-PC-Audacity for Splitting to Flac-You

Taped on the right side of the venue in front of the right stack. Amplified the sound a bit in Audacity. Feel free to make artwork, if you do please post it here. Feel free to remaster or do whatever you want to make this sound better, just if you do, please post it here so I can snag it!
Whatever you do, please don't convert to mp3 and post elsewhere.
Break The Law

01. Never Looking Back
02. Everything Is Broken
03. Nevermind
04. Come On Over
05. Yer Blues
06. Deja Voodoo
07. Come On
08. Shame, Shame, Shame
09. Dark Side Of Love
10. True Lies
11. Blue On Black
12. Backwater Blues
13. Encore Break
14. King Bee
15. Oh Well
16. Voodoo Chile (Slight Return)

Kenny Wayne Shepherd - Guitar & Vocals
Noah Hunt Lead Vocals
Chris Layton Drums
Tony Franklin Bass
Riley Osbourn B-3 & Keyboards