Kenny Wayne Shepherd
2011-12-08 - Dec 8th
The Omni
Toledo, OH

Tascam DR-03 > 24/48 bit > SDHC > Audacity > Track Split > 3.0 db Gain > 16/44 bit > TLH > FLAC Level 8

01. Never Lookin' Back
02. Somehow, Somewhere, Someway
03. Butterfly
04. Come On Over
05. Yer Blues
06. Show Me The Way Back Home
07. Deja Voodoo
08. Come On Pt. 3
09. Shame, Shame, Shame
10. Dark Side Of Love
11. King's Highway
12. True Lies
13. Backwater Blues
14. Instrumental ???
15. Crowd Noise ( Crowd chants "Pittsburgh sucks" due to the Browns and Steelers game which the Steelers won )

16. Band Intros
17. Blue On Black
18. I'm A King Bee
19. Oh Well
20. Voodoo Child (Slight Return)

Total Time 1:56.16

My first attempt at audio recording and I think it came out AWESOME!!!
I did not record the opening act Chris Shutter. He played solo on acoustic and played
pretty damn well. playing covers and originals. I remember same guy opened up for KWS last
time around with his band. Kenny comes out and plays almost 2 HOURS of blues rock. I've seen
him 5 or 6 times and this is by far the longest set I have seen him play. I recorded standing about
15 ft directly in front of left stack. Kenny's guitar is a little low in the mix at first then comes in nice.
I made a couple volume adjustments throughout the recording as the sound was lower. for the most
part it was set and left alone. During Shame, Shame, Shame Kenny announces the passing of Hubert Sumlin
to the crowd. I didn't know until he said something. Hubert passed on Dec 4, 2011 in NJ of heart failure
in case you didn't already know. So Long Hubert.... Play the blues wherever you are!!!! I seen Hubert
with Kenny at this same venue in April 2007 i believe it was.. Lost all my photos due to hd crash soon
after. Cool dude.. Lots of history with "THE WOLF".. Nothing has been touched except for a 3.0 db gain
on all tracks to push it just a little bit. Very minimal clapping and talking. Well worth the download.
It was a good night. Well worth the 100 mile round trip... See ya next time KWS... ENJOY!!!!

If you boost a little treble with EQ it sounds great!!!!

Of course,
Never convert to mp3
Never sell
ALWAYS buy officialy released albums!!!!!! Support your favorite artists!!!