Band: Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band
Date: January 10, 2005

Venue: Rockline Studios - "The Complex"
Location: Los Angeles, California

Source: Satellite Feed -> WAV -> CDr -> EAC -> Audition -> FLAC Frontend
Recorded at: Q-106 FM, Lansing, Michigan

- 01. Rockline Opening Sequence
- 02. Interview Segment #1
- 03. Feel So Alive (Studio Release) *
- 04. Outro with Spank excerpt
- 05. Off-air Rockline Music
- 06. Interview Segment #2 with Blue on Black excerpt at Intro
- 07. Be Mine (Studio Release) *
- 08. Interview Segment #3 and Outro with Believe excerpt
- 09. Off-air Rockline Music
- 10. Interview Segment #4 with Blue on Black excerpt at Intro
Encore Question from Slash
- 11. Place You're in (live - acoustic)
- 12. Blue On Black (live - acoustic)
- 13. Band Introductions (live - acoustic)
- 14. Losing Kind (live - acoustic)
- 15. Let Go (live - acoustic)
- 16. Outro with Ain't Selling Out excerpt
- 17. Interview Segment #5 with In 2 Deep excerpt at Intro
- 18. Let Go (Studio Release) *
- 19. Interview Segment #6 and Outro with Burdens excerpt
- 20. Interview #7 with Somehow, Somewhere, Someway excerpt at Intro
- 21. Get It Together (Studio Release) *
- 22. Interview #8 and Outro with Hey, What Do You Say excerpt
- 23. Interview #9 with Born With A Broken Heart excerpt at Intro
- 24. Rockline Outro

* Studio Release tracks were removed. Support the band by purchasing their albums and attending their concerts.

Kenny Wayne Shepherd - guitar, vocals
Noah Hunt - vocals, guitar
Michael Devine - bass guitar
Jimmy Wallace - keyboards
Shaun Hague - rhythm guitar
Bogie Bowles - drums

Details from Rockline Website:

Monday - January 10, 2005
Kenny Wayne Shepherd

Kenny Wayne Shepherd is no longer the prodigy with so much potential. Now, he's the seasoned veteran who has created some of the best music in recent years. The latest KWS album, "The Place You're In", has already made positive impressions on many fronts. After taking a well deserved extended hiatus, Kenny has returned with a scorching CD featuring his own soulful vocals for the first time. The CD was recorded with famed songwriter and producer Marti Frederiksen. Kenny's friend and long time vocalist Noah hunt is still very much part of the mix, co-writing a song and lending his vocals on two tunes as well. But, this album marks not only the emergence of a voice long kept hidden from public view, but also an unadulterated shift from Bluesy music to flat out Rock.

Kenny has been taking his new music on the road at a somewhat leisurely pace due to the holidays, but he'll really step things up beginning in late January and head full steam into February and beyond. Tour dates are readily available at along with further information regarding the tour, recording the new CD and his collaboration with close friend Kid Rock. Plus, you have to see his totally tricked out Extreme Lee 1969 Dodge Charger! An evening with Kenny taking calls is cause for celebration, but there's more. Kenny will join us in our fabled ROCKLINE studios, joined by Noah Hunt, to play live as well.

What a night! Join us for Kenny Wayne Shepherd on the next ROCKLINE!

Notes about this recording:
** Special thanks for the Q-106 intern who captured this for me. You know who you are! **

This recording was captured straight from the satellite feed to Q-106 FM and burned to cdr.
Each track on the master disc ran from one commercial break to the next.
I extracted the 6 tracks with Exact Audio Copy.
Next, I used Adobe Audition to separate them into tracks corresponding with interviews and song breaks.
I used FLAC frontend to compress at level 8 and add tags to the tracks.

All studio release tracks were removed. Track breaks before and after studio tracks were made on zero-crossings to avoid pops and clicks during transitions between tracks.