Kentucky Colonels
Comedia Theatre
Palo Alto, CA

Source: SBD > Reel


Clarence White - guitar
Roland White - mandolin
Billy Ray Lathum - banjo
Roger Bush - bass

01. Jerry Garcia intro
02. Bluegrass Breakdown
03. Ain't Gonna Rain No More
04. Stoney Creek
05. You Won't Be Satisfied That Way (tape cut after song)
06. Sheik of Araby (tape cuts in right before song begins, fidelity changes)
07. Roll in My Sweet Baby's Arms
08. Fair and Tender Ladies
09. Orange Blossom Special
10. Salty Dog Blues
11. Amazing Grace
12. Sunny Side of the Mountain (tape cut after song)
13. Prisoner's Song (x)
14. (x) Chug a Lug
15. Buckin' Mule
16. Voice From On High
17. Get Down On Your Knees and Pray (x)


- A+ Soundboard recording
- There are some splices that have removed some chatter between songs. The song "Alabama Jubilee" was played between "You Won't Be Satisfied That Way" and "Sheik of Araby", but was not recorded.
- The original tape ran too fast - I performed pitch correction to lower the pitch by about 85 cents (a bit less than a half step) and slow the recording.
- The frequency range and audio fidelity of track 6 (Sheik of Araby) is noticably greater than the other tracks. Not sure why, maybe this track came from a different tape. After the song ends you can hear it cut out and switch back to the other source.
- There is what could have been a tape switch between "Prisoner's Song" and "Chug a Lug". The cut has been cleaned at some point, presumably when the tape was digitized.
- Extraction, editing, and re-tracking by Ryan Baker 2/24/2012

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