The Kentucky Colonels
Brooks Adams Otis' house,
Woodside, CA

Studio transfer and mastering at 24bit 88.2k.
David Graham's 7" stereo half track reel is likely a copy of the master.

Clarence White - guitar
Roland White - mandolin
Eric White - bass
Billy Ray Latham - banjo
Skip Conover - dobro
Guest: Sandy Rothman - guitar and lead vocals on some tracks

01 Lonesome Road Blues (Bill Monroe)
02 On And On (Bill Monroe)
03 Shuckin' The Corn (Louise Certain, Gladys Stacey Flatt and Buck Graves)
04 Sweetheart You Done Me Wrong (Bill Monroe)
05 Sugar Coated Love (Bill Monroe)
06 It Hurts To Know (Tommy Sutton)
07 You Won't Be Satisfied That Way (Bill Monroe)
08 Toy Heart (Bill Monroe)
09 Arkansas Traveler (Traditional)
10 Lost Ball In The High Weeds (Jimmy Martin)
11 Ocean Of Diamonds// (Cliff Carnahan)

This recording comes from the collection of David Graham, and much of
the info above comes from a sheet that was with the reel, on KCEE letterhead.
A scan of this sheet is included in the torrent, but here is a transcription of the body of the text.

This tape recorded Dec. of 1964 from about 2:30 to 4 AM in the morning
at Adams Otis house, Stanford Calif. The Col's had just finished playing
5 or 6 sets at a coffee house, and everyone was so tired we were all about
to pass out from lack of sleep...but we got started and couldn't stop!!

Clarence White...guitar
Roland White.....mandolin
Eric White.......bass (Roger was the only smart one..asleep)
Billy Ray........banjo
Skip Conover.....dobro
Roland did some of the lead singing and most of the tenor..Clarence
sang baritone and Eric sang lead 0n a few songs. Sandy (I can't for the
life of me remember his last name..lives in San Fran..) sang lead and
played gitar on 4 or 5 songs.

Editor's notes: The "Roger" David Graham refers to is Roger Bush, the regular bass player in the Colonels since Eric White quit to get married.
The "Sandy" Mr. Graham refers to is Sandy Rothman.

Here is more information about David Graham, who passed on November 28, 1984, taken from the obituary in the Arizona Daily Star's November 30, 1984 edition:

"David Crockett Graham, a Tucson radio announcer for the past 25 years, died Wednesday, two weeks after suffering a stroke during his radio program. Graham, who died at the University Medical Center, never awoke from a coma brought on by the stroke. He was 45. "David Graham was a very special person not only to his family and associates at the KUAT stations but also to our listeners," said W. Boyd Rooney, general manager of KUAT's radio and television stations. "He will be greatly missed." Graham moved with his family from Wichita, Kan. to Tucson in 1949. He graduated from Tucson High School in 1957 and began his radio career while majoring in zoology at the University of Arizona. He worked as an announcer for several Tucson radio stations. In 1966, Graham joined the staff of KCEE radio as an announcer and in two years became the AM station's music director and public service director. After another two years he " was promoted to program director. He stayed with KCEE until 1979, when he joined KUAT Radio as the station's
chief announcer. He was the producer and host for the "Desert Skies" series, a joint production of KUAT Radio, Flandrau Planetarium and the Steward Observatory."

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