Tut Taylor Reel 26
Kentucky Colonels
May 5, 1965 (?)
The Ash Grove, Los Angeles, CA
Clarence White, Roland White, Roger Bush, Billy Ray Lathum, Scott Stoneman

01. ... Soldier's Joy ...
02. Used to Be
03. Black Mountain Rag
04. The Crawdad Song
05. Julius Finkbein's Rag
06. Once a Day
07. Rawhide
08. Over in the Glory Land
09. Cluck Old Hen > Comedy Routine
10. I'm On My Way Back to the Old Home
11. ... Don't Let Your Deal Go Down
12. John Hardy
13. Silver Threads and Golden Needles
14. Julius Finkbein's Rag

Notes: Most chatter and applause between songs has been removed this recording is taken from at least 2 different sets.

This open reel tape was a "Special T" brand 1/4 inch 1.5 mil mylar tape.

The reel was played on a Revox A77 (7.5 inches per second, 7.5 ips NAB de-emphasis curve) that was modified such that the entire playback signal path was replaced with a 2003 era custom tape head preamp having all metal film resistors, polypropelene coupling capacitors, and low ESR electrolytic supply bypass capacitors. The playback signal was digitized with a Mytek Digital 8X96 ADC into a 24 bit, 44.1kHz sound file. This sound file was rendered down to a 16 bit soundfile with Waves L2 ultramiximizer (Type 1 Ultra noise shaping). There was no equalization used and this sound file represents a flat copy of this open reel tape.

From time to time, the original recording's levels varied and even momentarily peaked to the point of distortion. An attempt was made to fix these varying levels, but due to multiple variations, the final sound file still has some level changes from time to time.


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