The Country Boys
(later known as the Kentucky Colonels)
Practice / rehearsal session
Leroy Mack McNees' parents home
Los Angeles area, Calif.
circa 1959-1960

1 Angel of Death 2:48
2 Who Will Sing for Me 0:28
3 Who Will Sing for Me 2:05
4 Singing All Day 0:46
5 Singing All Day 2:14
6 If I Be Lifted Up 1:06
7 Wicked Path of Sin 2:11
8 I Hear a Voice Calling 2:40
9 Are You Afraid to Die 3:09
10 Let Me Walk Lord 1:44
11 A Beautiful Life 1:24
12 Working on a Building 2:23
13 A Beautiful Life 2:15
14 Old Time Religion 2:16

source: Leroy McNees' master reel > cassette > my DAT

Transfer (April 2011): DAT > Sony PCM-R500 > (coax spdif) > Metric Halo MIO-2882 firewire interface > MacBook Pro (2.5 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo) > MIO Console (record panel) > (48kHz split stereo files) > Bias Peak Pro (trimmed; right channel of this mono recording was mostly noise, so it was discarded and the left channel was cloned; converted to 44.1kHz - best-quality setting; notch filter applied to reduce electrical noise (60Hz and 120Hz, -10db, 2.0Q, -24db); notch filter applied to reduce muddiness and slightly boost high-end vocals (-3.9db, 166Hz, 2.0Q; +3db boost at 2456 and 3257 Hz; 2.0Q); normalized by 15.9 db; split into songs) > aiff/wav > flac v1.2.1 (linux command line; level 8 compression) > flac file

There are numerous pops, crackles and buzzes throughout. No noise-reduction has been applied to this recording.

The Country Boys on this recording:
Roland White, mandolin and vocals
Clarence White, guitar and vocals
Eric White Jr., bass and vocals
Billy Ray Lathum, banjo and vocals
Leroy "Mack" McNees, dobro and vocals