The Kerry Kearney Band at the Riverhead Blues Fest 2007-07-21 complete show (mp3 sample)

...and here it is, less than three hours after the show is over!

The Riverhead Blues Fest (this the 9th annual) is held in the port town of Riverhead, in a huge parking lot right by the river. It's two days, Saturday and Sunday. Lots of different kinds of folks come... grannys to bikers... tonight there were 10,000 people there. Kerry Kearney has either headlined the show, or appeared at the fest since the beginning. He's quite a guy, as you will hear. He's big, hyper, and every time I've seen him he's in shorts with high-topped boots, with his ponytail tied behind his head.

You will hear him beckon to some girls who are at the edge of the stage. They are asked to come up and dance. They are very young perhaps 17 or 18 years old, and there are three of them. Since there is beer sold at the RBF, you can hear the single guys go "whoa!" as these three go tripping across the stage. They immediately kick the switch and turn Kerry's guitar off, nearly collide with the drummer, and get swiped by the bass player's guitar. It's all in good fun, though, and they manage to survive dancing for the entire length of the tune.

Kerry has planned a lady to sing the blues song he has going on, but the woman has locked herself in the bathroom (a porta-potty to be exact) for most of the number. I didn't pick her name up, unfortunately. Once she gets herself "cleaned out" she puts on a great show as the number gets extended so she can make her appearance.

Finally, in the last number, a guest guitarist (whose name I also didn't catch) is brought in who is unable to be heard during "Sweet Home Chicago". They had many sound problems this evening. Unlike other years, the artists were held to a strict 40 minutes each, with only 15 minutes inbeween, so microphone mixing became a problem as there simply wasn't enough time between artists.

I have a partial setlist... please provide corrections:

Memphis High
Rock All Around The World
Sweet Home Chicago.

Runtime 41 minutes.

Epilogue: Someone got stabbed right after this set. I don't think it was serious, but l wonder now about the future of this event.

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