Kevn Kinney
Kevn Kinney Allstar Jam
Jack of the Wood
Asheville NC
Xmas Jam 2007

Source: 2- Sennheiser MD421-u5-2's>Digi-Mod-UA5(@44.1khz)>Nomad JB3(@44.1khz)
Transfer:JB3>Nomad Explorer>WAV>Poulderbits Sound Editor(fades/track cuts)>Flacfrontend>(level 8)flac16(no SBE's)
Taped : left of stage center on stand at 9ft high.7- 8ft off stage.
Recorded and transfered by: Muletaper

***Thanks to Kevn + Shayni Rae Kinney for the setlist corrections and the permission to share these recordings.
Another Special thanks to Warren Haynes and Steph for putting together another successful Xmas jam weekend and supporting local Asheville musicians!

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2.Broken Hearts and Auto Parts
3.Midwestern Blues* with("Fiddlin' Dave") Dave Muhlethaler
4.Aint It Strange*
6.No Blues*
7.Which Jesus*