Kevn Kinney & Friends
Crocodile Cafe
Seattle, WA

aud., sony wm-d3 w/stock mic onto TDK SA-X100
transferred from Nakamichi CR-1A to my g4. peak, slice & dice then served it up.

A friend taped for me as I was back east for the holidays. Bittersweet for sure but I'm glad my gear got the recordings (this and the next night's).

I believe the band was Kevn, Pete, Scott McCaughey and I think some of the Walkabouts.

1. Down Out Law
2. Shindig With the Lord
3. Trail of Season
4. With the People
5. Haight Beat Kerouacian Riff
6. MacDougal BLues
7. Indian Song
8. Peacemaker
9. Right Side of Town
10. Chatahootchicootchie Man
11. Gotta Move On
12. When You Come Back
13. Straight to Hell
14. Never Far Behnd