Kevn Kinny Allstar Xmas-Jam
Shelly Colvin
Jack of the Wood
Asheville NC

Source: 2- Sennheiser MD421-u5-2's>Digi-Mod-UA5(@44.1khz)>Nomad JB3(@44.1khz)
Transfer:JB3>Nomad Explorer>WAV>Poulderbits (fades/track cuts)>Flacfrontend>(level 8)flac16
Taped : left of stage center on stand at 9ft high.7- 8ft off stage.
Recorded and transfered by: Muletaper

1.Road to Ruin
2.Soldier On
3.Runaway Greyhound
4.Back to Me

Thanks to Kevn Kinny and Warren haynes for promoting local talent
Thanks To Shelly for the Permission to upload this set.

ShellyColvin.Track 01.flac:4e0281aadc1b8a21b4d1ff362455da77
ShellyColvin.Track 02.flac:3d1e39aa74499b256687e67cca4d9897
ShellyColvin.Track 03.flac:0999447678499e6d430adf362fec3bc8
ShellyColvin.Track 04.flac:9f4356339d8b26729cf90d0704f5c9b0