Key Masters Workshop
Featuring Ivan Neville, Robert Walter & Rich Vogel with Stanton Moore on Drums, Robert Mercurio and George Porter Jr on Bass
Broadway Theater on MSC Lirica
Source: Schoeps mk4/cmc6 -> Sound Devices 722 @ 24x44.1 -> Wavelab 4 (dither UV22 HR) -> cdwav -> FLAC Frontend
Transfer: SD722 -> pc -> Wavelab 4 -> cdwav -> FLAC Frontend -> Torrent Spy -> Azureus -> You
Taped and transferred by kluyfrtliu

I was walking around and heard this in the Broadway Theater. Went back to my room to get my gear so this is missing the first portion but not sure how much is missing.

Please e-mail me at with something to the effect of Jam Cruise 2008 Key Masters Workshop in the subject for 24 bit version