Khyam Allami recorded in Damascu for BBC Radio 3 "World Routes" FM 2010.08.07 Hi-MD SP master

Sansui T60 FM Receiver/MZ-RH1 Hi-MD SP/Sonic Stage to wav via USB/adobe audition >Tracks>fades>Flac 6

As part of the World Routes Academy, Lucy Duran travels to the Middle East with the Iraqi musician Ilham Al Madfai and the scheme's protege Khyam Allami. They meet and record with local musicians in Damascus where Khyam was born but has not been since he was nine. Plus, travelling overland to Jordan, there's a session with some of that country's best musicians recorded in an organic vineyard on the Syrian border. Producer James Parkin

BBC Radio 3's World Routes Academy scholarship is a new scheme which aims to support and inspire young world music artists by bringing them together with an internationally-renowned figure in the same field. This year, Khyam Allami will be collaborating with, and learning from, one of the biggest stars of Middle Eastern music, the Iraqi singer and guitarist Ilham Al Madfai. The project culminates in a BBC Promenade concert on 9th August at 2200. The scheme has represented a broad range of Khyam's musical projects on World Routes as well as developing various outreach and educational projects in the UK. Details of the 2011 scheme - its geographical focus and those taking part - will be announced in the Autumn.

Only the final song was announced, so impossible to determine music titles.

01 Introduction
02 Lucy Skeaping talks to Khyam Allami
03 Music
04 Lucy Skeaping talks to Khyam Allami and other musicians
05 Music
06 Music discussion
07 Longa Nikriz & Longa Kurdilihicazkar
08 Discussion
09 Song
10 In the Mosque - over to Jordan
11 Music
12 In Bosra, Syria
13 Music
14 Talk in a vineyard
15 Music with 4 Jordanian musicians
16 Introduction to musicians
17 Music (I have nothing to do in the market!)
18 Outro

Recorded in Damascus, Syria 2010.05.25 - Bosra, Syria 2010.05.27

Khyam Allami (oud), Taoufik Meerkhan (kanun), Omar Majid (riq) Sulaf (heard in two sections) Ilham Al Madfai (voice)

Recorded in St. George Vineyard, Jordan, 29 May 2010

Khyam Allami (oud), Qusai Abdul Jabbar (violin), Fadi Metta (cello), Nasser Salameh (darbuka/riq), Hassan Minawi (ney)