Kid Congo + Khan and Anita Lipnicka
Teatr Muzyczny, ��d�, Polska
Soundedit Festival - The Man with the Golden Ear Award ceremony

Excommunication ^
Why Hurt Flesh #
Hey Ho #
Lauras Day ^
Sex Beat # [Gun Club]
Candygirl ^
Wooly Baby #^
Sex Change #
Goo Goo Muck # [Ronnie Cook And The Gaylads > Cramps]
Favor After Favor ^
Fever *^ [Little Willie John]
Into the Night * [Julee Cruise]
Falling * [Julee Cruise]
Say Goodbye *

Kid Congo Powers - # lead vocals, guitar
Khan - ^ lead vocals, keyboards
Anita Lipnicka - * lead vocals

lineage: Marantz PMD620 > usb > cool edit (remastering) > wav > tlh > flac

this was final performance of 2011 Soundedit festival
Sinusoidal supported, then we had prize awards for Daniel Miller (founder of Mute Records), Mark 'Flood' Ellis and Adam Toczko (music producers)
original show idea was to include Julee Cruise on last songs but unfortunatelly she couldn't be there and cancelled rest of the tour. Polish singer Anita Lipnicka (known from band called Varius Manx and a record with John Porter produced by Chris Eckman) came in for a quick substitute
cheers to Sylwia!

don't sell this recording, neither distribute in lossy form!!!

taped and uploaded to dime by gevenkaven