Dear fellow Dimers this torrent continues with my series of Colonel Parker's Xmas Uploads.
All of the upcoming shows are uncirculated master recordings that I have done over the past 32 years.
I hope this inspires others to share their uncirculated recordings as well.
Don't ask for a list - I don't have one. This is Upload #5 - enjoy.

Kid Rock - 1999-09-26 Batschkapp, Frankfurt, Germany (SBD Master)

Artist: Kid Rock
Date: 1999 September 26
Venue: Batschkapp
City: Frankfurt
Country: Germany
Source: SBD
Generation: Master MiniDisc (TDK MD-XG 74)
Analog/Digital Capture: Sony MiniDisc MDS-JE770 -> chinch cable to ION Mix Master USB-Device -> USB-cable to PC-USB port -> recorded and track splitting with WaveLab 7.
WAV to FLAC Conversion: dBpoweramp

Uploaded by Colonel Parker
27 December 2013

01 Intro
02 Band Introduction
03 Bawitdaba
04 Devil Without A Cause
05 Welcome To The Party
06 Balls In Your Mouth
07 Somebodys Gotta Feel This
08 Intro Cowboy
09 Southern Style Intro Cowboy
10 Cowboy
11 I Am The Bullgod