Kikagaku Moyo Gizzfest Adelaide Governor Hindmarsh hotel 2017-11-29.

This is a brilliant Japanese Psychedelic band who feature amplified sitar , very spacey and atmospheric, they were a big hit with the crowd at gizzfest.
Sound is excellent , I grabbed a position close to the front ,nearly centre.
The mix was exceptional ,the only section where its less then great is during the sitar/bass duet, I've boosted the sitar as much as I can without emphasising background noise from the distant bar. Other then that , congrats to the sound man.

Front of soundboard,2 metres from left stack ,sweet spot with respectful nearby audience .

SP CMC-8-25 >Sony-PCM-M10> SP battery Box> wav file 16 bit >Mac Pro>Audition (volume adjustments,remove or tone down applause using Acon denoiser tools )> xact flac transfer
. recorded. mastered and transferred by GGB