Kim Dawson Quartet
Dazzle Restaurant & Lounge, Denver, CO
August 21st, 2013

d1t01 Better Days
d1t02 I Can't Help It
d1t03 Cry Me A River
d1t04 Is This Love
d1t05 Trouble Is A Man
d1t06 While We're Young
d1t07 I Want You Back
d1t08 'Round Midnight
d1t09 Eyes That Say I Love You
d1t10 Look What I Found
d1t11 Holding Back The Years
d1t12 Weak

Kim Dawson (vocals)
Adam Revell (piano/keys)
John Grigsby (bass)
Mark Emmons (drums)

source: SBD + Schoeps MK4 (onstage/NOS) > Nbox > Tascam DR-680 @ 24/48
transfer: Tascam DR-680 > MacBook Pro > Adobe Audition CS6 > xACT > FLAC
taped by