Kim Lenz & The Jaguars
Mexicali Live, Teaneck, NJ
Thursday May 15th, 2014
Recorded by viper from a booth on the right side of the stage (See photos & video link for approximate location)
Source: Nokia Lumia Icon w/built-in HAAC mics > Audio Recorder Pro app > 16bit/48 KHz PCM/WAV
Encoding: Trader's Little Helper > FLAC (Level 8)
Length: 35 minutes

Track List:

Joesy Devils:

00 Folsom Prison Blues

Kim Lenz & The Jaguars:

01 Saturday Jump
02 You Made a Hit
03 That's the Breaks
04 Chocktaw Boogie
05 Tumble and Fall
06 Follow Me
07 Pay Dearly
08 Zombie For Your Love
09 Dang Good Stuff
10 Cry Wolf


Rockabilly Queen Kim Lenz came to Teaneck, NJ's Mexicali Live and it was a dang good show! If you're not familiar w/this artist, her catalog is on spotify (The album "It's All True" is killer). A local rockabilly band called Joesy Devils opened the show and played a great version of Jonny Cash's "Folsom Prison Blues. I've included that as track 00.

This was the very first show I recorded w/my Lumia Icon/Audio Recorder Pro app. Definitely not the full show but if you're a rockabilly/roots music aficionado, check this one out.

Some video from the show:

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