Kim Simmonds (Savoy Brown)
The Music Theatre at
Clarkston, MI
August 30, 2012
Rock 'N Blues Fest

Source: Tascam DR-03 (internal mics) > SDHC > 24/48 > HD > Audacity > Tracked 16/44.1 > TLH > SBE's > FLAC 8


01. Intro (2:29)
02. 24/7 (4:00)
03. Louisiana Blues (10:02)
04. Poor Girl (8:09)
05. Tell Mama (5:49)
06. Boogie (4:32)

Total Time: (35:03)


This was my first time seeing these artists besides Edgar Winter. I seen him in 2007.
First out was Kim Simmonds of Savoy Brown. I agree with everybody else about the short set lists
but they do what they can with the time allowed. All bands were backed with Edgar's band.
There was no Leslie West present this night. On the ride in the radio announced he wasn't feeling
great and would not be performing. I was looking forward to Mississippi Queen but nothing I can do
about that. Kim put on a good show with his bluesy rock. He plays an extra track on this
night (1 more than other shows) filling in time due to Leslie's absence.

The floor toms make the recording clip here and there. I did what I could do without taking away from the music.
I lowered the lows a bit and raised the highs just a hair.. The sound got better as the night went on.
Other than a little EQ'ing and raising the gain 5 db, thats all that was done.
I will be posting the rest of the artists in the next few days.

BEWARE that the first 10 secs of track 2 is HOTT!!! I adjusted soon after.. Sorry..

Sample included after adjustment was made. I never include samples but I wanted to let the CURIOUS here for themselves.

Thanks to the other DIME users who have recorded these shows. Their setlists helped a lot.