Kim Wilson Blues All-Stars
Unknown venue, Aptos, CA _USA
July xx,1993
It's a very good KW show .I edited the tracks 10 & 11 with Sound Forge 9,the rest is the same
that the first post.
01_ All Night Long
02_The Hustle Is On
04_Trust My Baby
05_You Got Me
06_I Can Tell
07_Nervous Fella
08_Don't Touch Me
09_Ride With Your Daddy Tonight//
10_//Instrumental >Instrumental (cont) and Band intros
11_Stage MC
12_She's Tough
Line Up:
Jr. Watson & Rusty Zinn- guitars
Richard Innes- drums
Larry Taylor - bass
Gene Taylor- piano
Kim Wilson- harp, vocals
Thanks for the first seeder,it was in March 2005.