Kim Wilson
Graham Parker
Orpheum Theater,
Boston, MA
March 10, 1990

I was there for this show, one of my very favorites of all time.
This is a 1st gen tape, but the taper never got me the Dave Edmunds and Dion sets.
So, do they exist? Who knows, but it has been a long time and they have never surfaced,
which is a huge disappointment. I would love to hear them.

So, for this show, I give you the Kim Wilson and Graham Parker sets.
This was of course the Dave Edmunds Rock and Roll Revue tour.
With Steve Cropper on guitar.

1st gen tape(1)>harmon kardon tape deck>pioneer stand alone burner>wav>flac level 8
This is a nice sounding show, the tape held up very well on my shelf over the years,
no tape swirls at the flip.

Someone please tell me that the Dion and Dave Edmunds sets exist!!

1. Last Night
2. Wrap It Up
3. Comes To Me Naturally
4. Wasted Tears
5. I Believe I'm In Love With You
6. Streets Of Gold
7. Tuff Enough
8. Nervous Fella

Graham Parker
9. Get Started, Start A Fire
10. Under The Mask Of Happiness
11. Local Girls
12. Slash And Burn
13. Lady Doctor
14. Human Soul
15. Soul Time
16. Heat Treatment