"my first bit of strange in 13 years"

King Creosote (The Fence Collective)
vocals, acoustic guitar, radio static


Captain Geeko the Dead Aviator
drums, samples

AIA Hall Anstruther
31st October 2009

Official live album recording - by the fans, for the fans.

43 min 42 sec

01 - There's No Escape
02 - Collector Of Mundane
03 - Trigger Happy I Am
04 - Bats In The Attic
05 - Details

06 - Swallow Dive
07 - -J-
08 - Tits Up
09 chat/tuning
10 - This Simple
11 - The B-All And End-All Of That

Recorded and shared with the kind permission of King Creosote.
No selling in any form.
Lossless copies only should be made freely available.

This amazing initiative was announced on the Fence Records' Beefboard, when King Creosote (Kenny Anderson) invited fans to record his latest album, a live session named
"my first bit of strange in 13 years".
It was a special, magical experience, and totally unlike any other gig I've experienced.

At 12 mid-day, about 30 of us were seated in the tiny AIA hall by the sea-front in Anstruther, the Fife town where Fence Records is based.
KC played two sets, with a short break in between.
He explained there was no need to applaud between songs, so applause is only heard at the end of each set.
The room has near perfect acoustics, and the sound was excellent.

The Fence Halloween weekend celebrations carried on that afternoon.

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including his latest excellent album "Flick the V's"

The video for the single "Coast on By" was partly filmed in the same venue as this recording, and around Anstruther :


Also other albums by King Creosote are available from Fence Records.

Aud->SP CMC-8s+AT-P12106 h-c caps->SPSB-6S(r/o:0)->
Edirol R09(16bit 44.1Khz, gain +17)
USB transfer to pc->Nero Wave Editor(volume balancing, volume boosting)
->CDWave(split)->Flac sector 8, sector boundaries aligned.

Mics 20 cm apart on tripod at head height, in front of PA stage right.

Recorded, converted and upped by Evangeline.

Support King Creosote and the other artists of The Fence Collective; they are independent in the best sense of the word and their music is to be treasured.
They record a wide range of music; everything from folk through electronica and rock is available via Fence Records's online shop.