King Sunny Ad� and his African Beats Orchestra
live at Liberty Lunch
Austin, Texas USA
October 01, 1989
soundboard tape, unknown taper
2005 transfer and seed by (unknown)

July 2015 reseed:
FLAC files renamed but otherwise unaltered -
two tracks recombined

94:21 minutes


01 6:40
02 5:42
03 10:50
04 20:17
05 4:32 *
06 9:43
07 13:09
08 8:18
09 5:29
10 9:34

*[includes a tape flip glitch]


original seeder's notes:
give thanks to Stagger Lee for transfering this from the master tape!
i don't know the set list. please help!
hope you enjoy this un- or under circulated show!

sbd>mc>nak bx125>bbe 402>tascam cdr>eac(secure)>flac>2005 seed
FLAC files renamed and moved from separate folders;
original tracks 04 and 05 were two pieces in one long track
with a long tape-flip gap in the second piece
- those are now retracked as two pieces
and the gap is removed - an audible glitch remains.
No remixing/EQ applied.
new checksum files created and this info file revised;
original info file included.

Thanks to the taper and original seeder for this recording.

a zootype reseed July 2015