King Sunny Ade, Harbourfront Centre July 4, 2009.
Toronto, Canada.
Sony ECM-719>Zoom H2>tracking, amplifying, EQ on Audacity>Traders Little Helper

A very good show, lovely harmonizing and a good beat.

No idea of song titles, sorry. But if someone sends them in perhaps I can re-edit this info file.

I set this up into 2 folders, one for each cd.

I have also upped other shows, which you may see by clicking below beside 'Upped by'.

I'll be adding more from time to time.


Disk 1
KSA d1 01
KSA d1 02
KSA d1 03
KSA d1 04
KSA d1 05
KSA d1 06
KSA d1 07
KSA d1 08
KSA d1 09

Disk 2
KSA d2 01
KSA d2 02
KSA d2 03
KSA d2 04
KSA d2 05