King Sunny Ade and His African Beats
February 14,1983
Club Marigny
534 Frenchmen Street
New Orleans, Louisiana

Strange lineiage: 2 soundboard Master Tapes (?) part I and part II recorded to 2 90 minute high bias tapes (a Maxell & a TDK). Unknown recorder and unknown dubbing deck created this beauty.->LUXMAN K-111 HX Pro Stereo Cassette Deck->Audacity (Levels adjusted, tracks created, NO EQ).
flacs created with Switch, MD5 file created with xACT.

A Tapegeek Collection Excavation/hitwitstuff 2 Upload!

Maxell XLII-S 90 cassette, Aiwa CM30 Stereo Mic, Sony D6 Recorder->LUXMAN K-111 HX Pro Stereo Cassette Deck->Audacity (Levels adjusted, tracks created).
flacs created with Switch, MD5 file created with xACT.


Its a long weird path that brings these recordings to DIME. It starts in 1997 when on a work assignment in Los Angeles I started talking with a co-worker named Scott and it turns out that he’s into lots of the music stuff I’m into and he’s a taper! Its almost the final days of this project and Scott appears one morning with a Paper Grocery bag filled with first gen copies from master recordings of Replacements, Husker Du, Minutemen, fIREHOSE, Meat Puppets, Butthole Surfers, Robin Hitchcock…..I got dizzy. I had only three or four days to get them all copied and that could only be done while on my ten hour turnaround between work; thats the time I should be sleeping. I went crazy dubbing with my dubber and cassette to DAT with my other set up (instead of sleeping). I didn’t get em all, but I got all that was very important to me. Fifteen years later, I uploaded one of these “Scott Paper Bag” shows to Dime and told this story. Turns out Scott is on Dime as “Sporkpie” and identified himself to me. I also met his friend who is also on Dime. He goes by Tapegeek. Those first gen copies that were in the bag were mostly copies of Tapegeek (and his friend and fellow DIME’r Peewee’s) master recordings. Tapegeek coincidently is in the same profession as myself. Small world, huh? Well, guess what. These are Tapegeek’s recordings off of his master cassettes that we are now going to enjoy and share so lets reward Tapegeek for handing over his masters, for trusting me and for his generosity. Lets get some great comments.


If you have ever heard this recording of this show before, it is because I used to trade cassettes with people all over the world, and so many dubs of this master have made the rounds - I have been waiting for a very long time for someone like hitwitstuff2 to help me out with getting these shows properly digitized and shared, and so many thanks are due to him - share your recordings folks!!!

Ok, this story gets very random very fast - so I'm back home in NOLA (summer 83?) and a friend is cutting my hair and it turns out that the guy there who works with her is also a promoter, and he tells me that he recently set up a show for King Sunny Ade at Club Marigny in NOLA the night before Mardi Gras, ("Lundi Gras" - also Valentine's Day!) 2-14-83 (I think at the last minute, or no one knew who they were,...?)

He came into town and wanted to play somewhere during Mardi Gras - I tell him that I just saw King Sunny at the Savoy in NYC and it was like a 4 hour plus incredible amazing extravaganza with at least 17 musicians onstage at all times (my favorites were the father and son team on the talking drums) - as you can guess, soon it develops that he actually has the SB tapes he made of the show (2 90 minute cassettes) - I borrow them, I copy them, and now you get to hear them too!

Please trade this show freely, but do not alter the files or any of the info, do not convert the FLACs to MP3s unless it is just for your own personal use, and above all do not sell this recording in any way! - Tapegeek

Not sure if this is the entire show, but what we have here clocks in at just over 131 minutes over 17 tracks.

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