King Wilkie
Lyons, CO - RockyGrass

Taper: Brian Skalinder
Location: 6' ROC, 6' FOB, 6' up
Config: NOS (30cm, 90)
Source: Schoeps MK21/KC5/CMC6 > Lunatec V3 (16-bit/44.1kHz) > Nomad JB3
Conversion: Nomad JB3 > Adaptec FireConnect 4300 > Notmad Explorer > PC
Editing: CD-Wave (tracking), Cool Edit Pro 2.0 (fades)


01. [ intro ]
02. Blue Yodel #7
03. Nobody's Business
04. The Boy From Richmond
05. [ fiddle tune ]
06. Memphis Train
07. Where The Old Red River Flows
08. Drifting Away
09. All Night Blues
10. In The Pines
11. Brokedown & Lonesome
12. Asheville Junction
13. Lee And Paige
14. Riding On My Saviour's Train
15. [ fiddle tune about squirrels ]
16. Some Glad Day
17. Darling Nellie Across The Sea
18. [ instrumental ]
19. Cold Winds
20. Little Birdie


21. Damn Yankee Lad


Clamped to Greg Cody's stand just right of center. Started raining Thu afternoon when we arrived and we fortunately set up camp during a brief break in the rain. After spending the evening in Boulder visiting some friends and fellow tapers and catching a show a the legendary Fox Theater, Jen and I rode the m/c back to Meadow Park campground to sleep away the night hoping the rain would stop by morning. Nope: rain, rain, rain, on and off through the whole day - and mostly ON. Hmph! Most of the recordings still sound pretty darn good, IMO. During quiet sections you can hear the lovely St. Vrain burbling off in the distance to the right of the stage and viewing area. First time using the MK21 sub-cards outdoors, and I love the broad, deep soundstage and the open, natural sound the MK21s bring to the recording. Enjoy!