Kingfish November 1975
Preproduction reference demos recorded by Dan Healy
Ace's Studio, Mill Valley, CA

Source: Alan Bershaw�s 7.5 ips reel (prior lineage unknown)

Transfer: 7.5 ips reel played back on TEAC A-4010 SL -> Lexicon Lambda A/D -> Logic Pro (for tracking and editing silence only) -> wav 16/44.1-> xAct -> flac

Dave Torbert � bass, vocals
Robby Hoddinott � lead guitar
Bob Weir � guitar
Matthew Kelly� guitar
Chris Herold � drums

01 Lazy Lightning (Instrumental) 03:18
02 Supplication (Instrumental) 03:04
03 Hypnotize 04:59

Notes: Nice quality studio demos. Not to be confused with the Kingfish demonstration tape which does not contain these songs. Some hiss, but the recordings are dynamic and clear. No noise reduction or processing.