Kingfish at the Roxy - 1976-03-11 - Early Show - KMET-FM



Early Show at the Roxy Theatre in Hollywood , CA.

Lineage - FM > Cass. Master > CD > EAC > CDWave (re-tracking) > Flac

The "CD" in lineage is a Harmon Kardon CDR-20 Stand-alone.

01 -Intro-
02 Battle Of New Orleans
03 My Blue Tears
04 Hypnotize
05 -Tuning-
06 Bye And Bye
07 Juke
08 Good-Bye Yer Honor
09 New New Minglewood Blues
10 I Hear You Knockin'
11 Big Iron
12 Jump For joy
13 -Tuning-
14 I Need Time
15 Asia Minor >
16 Around And Around
17 -Tom O'Hare-
18 Sea Cruise
19 One More Saturday Night
20 -Outro-

Chris Herold drums, percussion
Robby Hoddinott guitar, slide guitar
Matt Kelly guitar, harmonica, vocals
Dave Torbert bass guitar, vocals
Bob Weir guitar, vocals

There is a tape flip between tracks that is not cross-faded , just that "fool" talking anyway.

1bcb818e2faf1a3b6a722dd025f827e9 *tr01.flac
bf9e27b3282857331081d8f1826d4707 *tr02.flac
a366863b5a2a4ec2f11457c20804df69 *tr03.flac
ae217162da015d152918fb889e1ffcb8 *tr04.flac
daaf22374337871b8cd4bc2aa2c2728c *tr05.flac
ba9c284daba32c50fe9dee56850d2f12 *tr06.flac
941c0bddc529c5c9906de348a6ac734e *tr07.flac
01d18f221552b42868139755ea4d9943 *tr08.flac
4478b1be9d8f0d9656295d3a00b36103 *tr09.flac
f32e661313ed7391d6402454dec82c95 *tr10.flac
4c62d47f54d1b6557cfb7f61461e6c85 *tr11.flac
1308d1a685521e23a0bafa2bd47ee244 *tr12.flac
8f385e8fbda3e697969326810af1f02b *tr13.flac
e82d388a90299bec6fce57c7fd02d083 *tr14.flac
3a4538a5af552a1d233679e5a32e84f5 *tr15.flac
4d46bd66832c69e7aef091f786f72488 *tr16.flac
8e59f88baf3fb02aec86cfee5f8b014e *tr17.flac
ed15c4349484f1729712d0c493445100 *tr18.flac
36c19b376f038eaa16aeb42ca33aed05 *tr19.flac
e4f5a2df346b76e34057dfa948280178 *tr20.flac