Capitol Theatre
Passaic, NJ

Source: MAC; 2 x Sennheiser 421 -> Sony D5 -> 2 x Maxell XLII-S 90
Lineage: Master Audience Cassettes - > Nakamichi Dragon -> RCA/XLR -> Lunatec V3 (@24/96) -> coax ->
Audiophile 2496 -> WaveLab 5.0 -> .wav @24/96 -> L3 UltraMaxmizer -> .wav @16/44.1 > CD Wave Editor ->
Trader's Little Helper -> FLAC16

Band Members: Garth Weber - Lead Guitar, David Margen - Bass Guitar, Bill Kreutzmann - Drums,
Barry Flast - Keyboards, Vocals, Matthew Kelly - Harmonica, Guitar, Vocals

disc 1

d1t01 Intro (Bill Kreutzmann) and tuning
d1t02 Jump For Joy
d1t03 Juke
d1t04 I Hear You Knockin'
d1t05 Big Boss Man
d1t06 Rumor At The Honky Tonk
d1t07 North Carolina
d1t08 Band Intros
d1t09 Overnight Bag
d1t10 Laudy Miss Claudy
d1t11 Runnin'* (Bass solo)
d1t12 Eyes Of The Night

disc 2

d2t01 40 Days And 40 Nights
d2t02 Hypnotized > Soul Sacrifice > Hypnotized
d2t03 Man Smart, Women Smarter^
d2t04 Good-Bye Yer Honor
d2t05 Dancing In The Street
d2t06 (I'm So Glad To Be) Living In The USA#


Jorma Kaukonen played first.

* - featuring Dave Margen
^ - featuring Garth Weber
# - w/ Jorma Kaukonen


- SBE Free
- Master Audience Cassettes provided by Rick Colyard
- Tape flip patched
- Patch source provided by Mark McCue

Notes from Rick Colyard (the taper):

"The Capitol was always a special place for me. I saw my first Grateful Dead shows here in 1976 and many more after that.
Seeing all the great bands of the day play at the Capitol Theatre was always a highlight for me. I loved that old place,
we drove thorough snow storms and every kind of weather you could think of to get to that old theater. This night I
recorded from one of the projection booths. I had friends that worked the capitol for many years and this night was for
some reason like a homecoming for a few folks who sometimes very rarely saw each other any more. It was a great night
and a bad night as old Mr. Jones came in the house that night. There is also another source of this show from the same
location but it was traded at the end on the night and was never to be seen again as my old friend died weeks after this
show. This a 421 -> Sony D5 master of that night. This is released in the memory of my old friend Neil."

Photos of the Capitol:

Notes from Mark McCue:

"We all got into the show at around 7 PM. Rick had the in on taping in an old lighting room that wasn't being utilized.
We were setting up and the dude who was a stage hand denied me access up there, he only wanted Rick. Hey big deal, I knew
I'd be getting the hook up on the masters. The cartoons in between shows were just stellar. Leon Russell wouldn't leave
the stage until they cut the power and drew the curtain. He just went on and on. Kingfish hit the stage at 1:10 AM. Woah!
The 421's were just resting on the sill of the window above the crowd and pointed right at the stacks on stage.
Grate tapin' spot of a lifetime. DL this gem. Thanks Rick and Alex."


- Taped by Rick "Coyote" Colyard

- Transferred by Alex Ford.

- Edited by Alex Ford.

- Tracked, flac'ed, and packed by Alex Ford

- First seeded to 10/22/208

- Brought To You By Live Music Preservation Project

- contact


59c918a75ce68fdb5e1924eaeb9f83cd *kf1985-01-25d1t01.flac
70ececd32a8dd9a9d3605a5cb62ba29d *kf1985-01-25d1t02.flac
2995efb336c71e41a49798e7ca8a2d12 *kf1985-01-25d1t03.flac
ded8e99bfd776f142fc2ef70c69db16f *kf1985-01-25d1t04.flac
f1654446ef0aaf6fcdd5b6fe894cf9d8 *kf1985-01-25d1t05.flac
818f2214ebc9f7d8d7d05f64fca920eb *kf1985-01-25d1t06.flac
79a69580eae9799ddf2779cde1de1adf *kf1985-01-25d1t07.flac
5aef2bdeb791a058fe78c5820303613e *kf1985-01-25d1t08.flac
63ad1dfb097770e57d4edbc914db4749 *kf1985-01-25d1t09.flac
ad08921f7279408689eb9914366d937e *kf1985-01-25d1t10.flac
78f3236c43b8e0a50dd7dddbb99dc97f *kf1985-01-25d1t11.flac
6ff4118bcb5fbe7bc813c905a48776d2 *kf1985-01-25d1t12.flac
36f609c397f02d0b68f6ac3b51888ff4 *kf1985-01-25d2t01.flac
8fcc6fe1b22f96ba89175207de260252 *kf1985-01-25d2t02.flac
71f1e5e1fb355f8d933898868b38f291 *kf1985-01-25d2t03.flac
a4d9d593c8e08cfb9efb49d9d6a1836d *kf1985-01-25d2t04.flac
09893567854ad744db65d40715857a80 *kf1985-01-25d2t05.flac
65dfabb0c28c435e660d3df3db6a9214 *kf1985-01-25d2t06.flac


3510d2691b9c2c8b54b8ece1af436004 [shntool] kf1985-01-25d1t01.flac
249bab25d24cbdbdcba0f755a8596e8d [shntool] kf1985-01-25d1t02.flac
db4e80bd14b83929eece87b376061e10 [shntool] kf1985-01-25d1t03.flac
4db9dbf518a7b03c73257be6770b9a7c [shntool] kf1985-01-25d1t04.flac
19a43b728da42984ed8eb359ab5122d1 [shntool] kf1985-01-25d1t05.flac
2d4cec27b0464834ae1a3621d07f4eb6 [shntool] kf1985-01-25d1t06.flac
c8b3cd394bf2f50344be7d021f62aa04 [shntool] kf1985-01-25d1t07.flac
32015214caf224625dcc1db48a442c62 [shntool] kf1985-01-25d1t08.flac
93d649dc8e4ea4b21b493ed7da2b6f94 [shntool] kf1985-01-25d1t09.flac
81a8bd7c81dac332510a44d665bfb4c5 [shntool] kf1985-01-25d1t10.flac
0c39d041734f698758fa8c98dcfb0aac [shntool] kf1985-01-25d1t11.flac
6d95b2d373c48ce7440cbef7b4dc4c92 [shntool] kf1985-01-25d1t12.flac
8d0714abf71c71c52df183ed668eec3d [shntool] kf1985-01-25d2t01.flac
162b14478d3be67df421e39cabf6056a [shntool] kf1985-01-25d2t02.flac
9541545244fb154cd996e89a418c0b7c [shntool] kf1985-01-25d2t03.flac
01655e3dec861cd42b1be75ac30dd862 [shntool] kf1985-01-25d2t04.flac
9f8ff3b6648514d5f642e278e9798b39 [shntool] kf1985-01-25d2t05.flac
d200bac48ee02abd50fa2f89b0a2cd03 [shntool] kf1985-01-25d2t06.flac

length expanded size cdr WAVE problems fmt ratio filename
4:07.56 43702556 B --- -- ----- wav 1.0000 kf1985-01-25d1t01.wav
4:20.54 45991052 B --- -- ----- wav 1.0000 kf1985-01-25d1t02.wav
3:29.02 36872348 B --- -- ----- wav 1.0000 kf1985-01-25d1t03.wav
4:14.70 44970284 B --- -- ----- wav 1.0000 kf1985-01-25d1t04.wav
4:42.59 49883612 B --- -- ----- wav 1.0000 kf1985-01-25d1t05.wav
4:56.65 52367324 B --- -- ----- wav 1.0000 kf1985-01-25d1t06.wav
6:55.56 73337756 B --- -- ----- wav 1.0000 kf1985-01-25d1t07.wav
1:31.51 16172396 B --- -- ----- wav 1.0000 kf1985-01-25d1t08.wav
3:54.27 41341148 B --- -- ----- wav 1.0000 kf1985-01-25d1t09.wav
3:09.50 33457244 B --- -- ----- wav 1.0000 kf1985-01-25d1t10.wav
10:20.31 109440956 B --- -- ----- wav 1.0000 kf1985-01-25d1t11.wav
3:18.06 34941356 B --- -- ----- wav 1.0000 kf1985-01-25d1t12.wav
10:07.36 107159516 B --- -- ----- wav 1.0000 kf1985-01-25d2t01.wav
12:37.73 133706540 B --- -- ----- wav 1.0000 kf1985-01-25d2t02.wav
7:09.33 75753260 B --- -- ----- wav 1.0000 kf1985-01-25d2t03.wav
3:23.06 35823356 B --- -- ----- wav 1.0000 kf1985-01-25d2t04.wav
6:29.20 68666684 B --- -- ----- wav 1.0000 kf1985-01-25d2t05.wav
5:51.04 61925852 B --- -- ----- wav 1.0000 kf1985-01-25d2t06.wav
100:40.24 1065513240 B 1.0000 (18 files)