Long Beach, CA USA

Matthew Kelly, Barry Flast, Anna Rizzo, Steve Kimock, Jimmy Sanchez,
David Perper and Steve Evans

source: sbd > Steve Block's cassette master
transfer: Denon DRS-810 > LynxONE >
Samplitude 6.0 > SoundForge 4.5 > .flac

recorded by Steve Block
transfer etc.& by Richard Selleseth

note: I edited the tape flips during Goodbye Your Honor & between
Throwing Stones & Drums

* w/Bob Weir
# Bob Weir plays acoustic guitar

disc one/set one
"I think we're ready"
Overnight Bag
dead air
I Know You Rider
"Bobby's gonna come out..."
Jump For Joy
Rockin' Pneumonia
Lawdy Miss Clawdy
dead air, tuning, song intro etc
Good Bye Your // Honor
"we'd like to bring up our buddy here..."
"few old tunes..."
Big Iron*
CC Rider*
Eyes Of The Night*
Supplication* >
Promised Land* (something blows onstage causing a right channel buzz)
"thank y'all..."

disc two/set two
tuning, song intro etc
Winners* >
City Girls* >
Spoonful* >
Easy To Slip*
Salt Lake City*
Barry Flast introduces Bobby "acoustic", tuning etc
This Time Forever# >
Victim Or The Crime# >
Throwing Stones# > (tape flip patched between Throwing Stones & Drums)
Drums >
Women Smarter*
"thank you very much, goodnight", crowd, tuning etc
E: Josephine*
"thank you Long Beach, goodnight" etc