King's X - "A Great Big Phat"
June 29th, 2013
Arcada Theatre
St. Charles, IL USA

White Dragon Records - WDR0380/0381

Source: Audience Digital Master

Taper: kinglerxst

Mastering: siriusjoe

Artwork: kinglerxst

Disc One (43:27)

Groove Machine 5:08
The World Around Me 3:19
The Big Picture 5:46
Pillow 6:01
Flies And Blue Skies 5:26
(Thinking And Wondering) What I�m Gonna Do 4:03
Vegetable 9:21
Everybody Knows A Little Bit Of Something 4:20

Disc Two (48:46)

A Box 9:04
Black Like Sunday 3:45
Over My Head 9:08
Over And Over 4:05
Pleiades 5:38
We Were Born To Be Loved 7:45
Dogman 4:17
Go Tell Somebody 5:01

Recording Equipment: (2) Audio Technica 933 sub-cardioid mics >
Illudium Q-36 MSYC > Edirol R-09 24bit WAV Recorder > 8G Sandisk SDHC card >
WAV > Adobe Audition > CDWav > FLAC

Location: Section 101 PFC (Pretty F'n Close - A couple rows back in front of left PA stack)

Tapers Notes:

Well this one was a bit of a mystery for awhile, slated at first for May with tickets in hand
right off the bat thanks to siriusjoe, it soon disappeared off the venue ticket site altogether.
Then once again the ticket gods looked down upon me and said "You will rock out with King's X"
and the date reappeared smack dab between 2 Rush shows. Thus allowing me to still see them as
well as seeing Nazareth in early June here instead of the May KX gig. So this was the 2nd show
on the 5-4-3-2-1 tour ( 5 SHOWS - 4 STATES - 3 BANDS - 2 TAPERS - 1 MISSION ) for siriusjoe and I.

We had seen them at this venue actually the year before, but opening up for Kansas so it was great
to get to see them as the headliner. They were a little late in getting to the venue (which Doug
mentions during the show) so we had to wait out in the lobby while they did a soundcheck and
luckily just as it started getting sardine-ish in the lobby they finished and then let us in.

Let's just say that they put on a great show and they were in good spirits and did some serious
jamming this night. Awesome versions of many tunes, soaring solos by Ty, some serious badass bass
from Doug and Jerry is a freakin' monster on the drums ;) The sound was pretty sweet and the
sub-cardioids really came through well, thus the title :) The crowd was pretty good around us,
just enough to know you're amongst them, but nothing distracting, you can humorously even hear
one guy call out "Vegetable" when the song starts ;) This is definitely a must have though, the
guys really crank on this one throughout and you should too! ;)

I'd also like to thank Doug, Jerry & Ty for coming out to the merch area in the lobby and signing
and talking with us a little bit after the show, it was great to meet them all as I had only met
Doug briefly outside their tour bus before a HOB show back in 2002.

And as usual, an IMMENSE thanks goes out to siriusjoe for mastering this one and nailing yet
another one to the wall !!

And again an EXTRA SPECIAL thanks to siriusjoe for the great photos!!!

And did I mention thanks as always to siriusjoe for all the hospitality and roadtripping on this
fantastic week of sights and shows!

Release Notes:

As always, feel free to share this anywhere you'd like, MP3 is fine for
personal use, but please don't distribute in that format. Please do not
alter/remaster/matrix this release. A great deal of effort went into
capturing and producing this recording, and we would prefer it to
remain as we have presented it. Your cooperation will encourage many
more releases in the future. ;)

Thanks & enjoy the show!


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