November 29?, 1969
The Fillmore West
San Francisco, California, USA

Contrast clause: What was seeded at:
is missing a song and is speeded up by about 4 percent. It also has gaps between the tracks and was from an otherwise worse sounding source than what is here.

Very decent sounding audience recording with not much tape hiss. The Kinks played the 27th, 28th and 29th - the consensus seems to be that this is from either the 28th or 29th and probably from the 29th...

01 [1:59] ÔTil The End of The Day
02 [3:30] Mindless Child of Motherhood
03 [6:58] Last of The Steam Powered Trains
04 [7:02] You're Looking Fine
05 [4:46] Mr. Churchill Says
06 [3:28] Big Sky
07 [2:31] You Really Got Me >
08 [1:17] All Day & All of The Night
09 [5:58] [cuts in] Love Me ÔTil The Sun Shines
10 [1:14] Brainwashed [cut]
11 [1:49] [cuts in] Milk Cow Blues >
12 [2:14] See My Friends >
13 [2:15] Tired of Waiting For You >
14 [3:48] Brainwashed
15 [3:54] Louie Louie
16 [0:18] thanks and crowd before encores
17 [3:20] [cuts in] Victoria
18 [1:02] Well Respected Man >
19 [1:05] Death of A Clown >
20 [0:58] Dandy
21 [0:11] final thanks and crowd
total time: 59:37

lineage: unknown (low gen.?) audience recording from "silver" CD bootleg > Pro Tools (speed-correction, normalization, minor "nip and tuck" edits and retracking - no equalization or digital noise reduction) > Aiff > xACT (Flac level 8 files with sector boundaries verified). md5 file created with checkSUM+.

There is some barely noticeable digital-related chatter in the background for about 30 seconds in track 1 that was also in the original source. I decided to leave it as-is rather than substituting the other source for some or all of that song, because overall the quality is better here anyway. Check the sample to hear what it sounds like...

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