The Kinks
Hollywood Palladium,
Hollywood, CA
March 9, 1972 8:00 PM
JF Archive Series Vol. 14 via JEMS

Taper: unknown

Source: unknown recorder > unknown microphone (mono)

JEMS 2016 Transfer: Low generation reel > Otari 5050 mkII azimuth-adjusted transfer > USBPre 2 > Audacity 2.0 capture (16/44) > IZotope RX > Peak 6.0 pitch adjustment > Audacity (track split, volume smoothing, edit) > FLAC

Tour: "Everybody's In Show-Biz"

01 Intro
02 Till The End of the Day
03 You're Lookin' Fine (cut,faded out)
04 Apeman (faded in and out)
05 Lola (teaser)/Muswell Hillbilly (faded in and out)
06 Brainwashed (faded in and out)
07 talk
08 Acute Schizophrenia Paranoia Blues (faded out)
09 talk
10 Holiday
11 Alcohol (faded out)
12 Skin and Bone
13 Complicated Life (faded out)
14 Harry Rag/You Are My Sunshine (Jimmie Davis cover) (faded out)
15 She Bought A Hat Like Princess Marina (faded in)
16 Baby Face (1926 song) (faded out)
17 Lola (faded in and out)
18 Crowd singing Lola (faded in and out)
19 You Really Got Me / All Day And All Of The Night (faded in and out)
20 Victoria (faded in and out)

Thanks to BigPanda for helping me with the setlist!

Ray Davies: acoustic guitar, lead vocals
Dave Davies: lead and slide guitar, backing vocals
John Gosling: keyboards
Mike Cotton: trumpet
John Beecham: trombone, tuba
John Dalton: bass
Mick Avory: drums

JEMS loves a vintage taper series and we're pleased to resume this series from the archive of our friend JF, who taped in and around Southern California in the '70s and later resumed taping in Boston in the '80s. He frequented smaller venues, like the Troubadour and the Roxy, leaving arenas to others and leaning more towards the folksier, jazzier and eclectic sides of rock.

JF was also an active trader at the time and this is one of the uncirculated or under-circulated gems from the early '70s that are also in JF's archive. Installment 14 is rare recording from the Kinks� Everybody�s In Show-Biz tour. Like a lot of audience recordings from the early days of taping, this was likely done on a portable cassette recorder with a built-in microphone and the taper took a lot of pauses between songs presumably to save tape and batteries. It�s not a great recording but any stretch, but as Frogster notes below, it gets increasingly listenable as the show wears on and your ears tune into it. Samples provided.

Taking this one over the finish line on JEMS' behalf is the aforementioned frogster, who we thank for his prepping and insightful additions. Our heartfelt thanks goes to JF, who reached out on DIME (you could be next!) and offered us his archive, which had been sitting in boxes, 6000 miles away from where he lives today, for 20+ years. Like so many early tapers, he had great stories to tell and the memories flooded back as we sorted through tapes. We are pleased to be able to bring his work to all of you. Please let him know through your comments that you are, too.


Frogster's Notes
If we talk about the show and performance, you need to remember who we are talking about, because even if the quality of the recording doesn't do them justice, you still recognize the Kinks sounding as good as they should. The band is in great form and they were having a lot of fun, talking, playing and singing like if it was their last show�a normal Kinks show, some people would say.

Also, apart from aforementioned, what makes this show so special is the fact that even John Dalton classified this performance as one of their most memorable gigs. Feel free to check John Dalton's blog about his days in The Kinks:

As for the recording, I can't say this is good for the era because in 1972 we had the technology to make decent recordings, but is not that bad either, at least for me.

You'll find the recording suffers of a lot of cuts (especially between songs though fortunately none of them drastically effects the music). I added fades in and out of most songs to make the transitions more listenable. In my humble opinion, I find the recording enjoyable, but listen to the samples yourself. The sound is rough though it improves some during the show: not a masterpiece, but not too bad to ignore it either given the rarity of recordings of the band in this era.

I hope the Kinks fans out there love this recording as much as I do, and if you can, play this till the end of the day.