the Kinks
Ray Davies: guitar, keyboards, vocals
Dave Davies: guitar, backing vocals
John Gosling: keyboards
John Beecham: trombone
Alan Holmes: saxophone
Nick Newell: tenor saxophone
John Dalton: bass, backing vocals
Mick Avory: drums
Orpheum Theater
Boston, Mass
December 5, 1975
touring "schoolboys in disgrace"
incomplete audience recording
runtime: 92:51
setlist: (may need some corrections)
1: everybody's a star 3:01
2: rush hour blues 5:34
3: Waterloo sunset 3:25
4: Lola 3:21
5: alcohol 6:16
6: you really got me > all day and all night 4:52
7: sunny afternoon :49
8: celluloid heroes 5:35
9: school days 3:35
10: flash's story education end cuts 7:23
11: money talks applause fades out 3:54
12: Jack the idiot dunce (applause fades in) 7:31
13: education 7:30
14: the first time we fall in love 4:40
15: I'm in disgrace 3:34
16: headmaster 4:14
17: first time reprise > the hard way 7:35
18: the last assembly 3:47
19: no more looking back 6:15
20: ? (cuts) :20
unknown mikes and deck (maybe Sony 152?) >
low gen trade copy (1st or 2nd) >
played on Nak. 300 into soundforge (wav)
flac (sb's aligned) > torrentially yours.
not sure why there's two versions of "education" in here.
(the first one is incomplete anyway, only the last minute or so,
then goes into the next tune, not sure if they are the
same performance, maybe end of track 10 has another title?)
this is all supposed to be from one show, recorded in Boston,
but there is some uncertainty of the date.
Pamela Travis, Shirley Roden and Debbie Doss sing
background vocals on the album, and may sing in here too.
the recording has some cuts in it and is obviously not complete,
but it sounds pretty listenable and it is most of a
"schoolboys in disgrace" Kinks show which should make it a
welcome listen for a few folks.