The Kinks
December 1975 Croyden.
Partial ÒSoap OperaÓ concert FM

From The Moose Track Collection

Sony TC-RX410 Cassette Deck>Alesis 9500 Masterlink (no EQ)>AIFF
File conversion done with xACT setting of 6

This is a part two to a part one I never had.
You an hear a radio announcer at the end of the final track.

The story of The Moose Track collection

In the late 80Õs a buddy of mine in Pennsylvania told me during my visit to the East coast about a tiny independent record store in Port Jervis, NY called Moose track Records. He thought I be interested in a box of live tapes he saw for sale in there. I went over almost immediately and sure enough there it was, a box of 72 cassettes. Some without labels. Some were generic white cassettes with a white cardboard insert. Most were TDK normal bias. Some were from the sixties, most from the seventies. Some were from BBC, most were audience recordings from the NY/east coast area. I bought them all at 50 cents a tape. Bands I knew: Devo, NY Dolls, Capt. Beefheart, Runaways,Tom Petty, Elvis Costello, Led Zeppelin, Graham Parker, Rockpile, Damned. Bands I didnÕt know: Ducks Deluxe, Eddie and The Hotrods, Frankie Miller. Some cool oddballs: Johnny Rotten DJ-ing at the BBC, Monty Python in a radio appearance, a 10 minute radio clip devoted to the death of Paul McCarthy.
Yes, IÕve digitized them all with no EQ. All are a bit hissy, some have drop outs, the listening qualities vary wildly and IÕll do my best to describe them and post samples.
A lot has surfaced in better qualities over the years so feel free to ask about anything IÕve mentioned, you might already have it.
ALSO! Feel free to EQ or tweak the pitch or whatever. If you can genuinely clean up any of these please do it and post it. If you do, just be clear that itÕs your whatever version. I hear the potential in a lot of these recordings, but I simply donÕt have the time or place to do it myself.
Over the 2010 Christmas holiday break I retransferred all the remaining cassettes. Some had deteriorated forcing me to use the DAT back-up recordings. But I have them all and I will attempt to post as many as possible. I will also be posting scans of the actual cassettes in the comments section.
-Hitwitstuff2 (but you can call me Hitwitstuff)

On January 15, 2011, A Dime user sent me this information:

ÒI am pretty sure I know where those tapes come from. The white cassettes are BASF bulk tapes that were sold in lots of 1,000 for commercial use. I bet those tape boxes are 2 part clear plastic. The tapes are probably all C-90's and C-60 but there were several C-45's too. The C-45 may have been black shells.
Back in the mid 70's there was a girl named Amy Friedman from Queens NY who was a known bootlegger. She made her living by selling those tapes. She had trading partners all over the world and her and a big tall guy named Arnie (who looked like Bozo the Clown) did quite a bit of NY concert taping.

All of my collection of well over 1,000 shows is on those same white tapes. I used to go halves with her when she bought the tapes and the tape boxes. I know that at one time we got black cassettes but I cannot remember which were first the black or the white shells.
Anyway I lost touch with her in the '80's and heard that she moved upstate somewhere. If those are not her personal collection then they are someone's that she sold too. But she typed those lable just like the pictures you have.Ó

1. dialog
2. Well Respected Man
3. Dedicated Follower of Fashion
4. Sunny Afternoon
5. dialog
6. Ducks on the Wall
7. dialog
8. Face In The Crowd
9. You Can't Stop The Music